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Time to be Focused!

Sep 27, 2016

We all know how busy a student’s life is as the semester proceeds especially fo new students who are trying to adjust to the  university curriculum.  Using time wisely is the key to surviving. Here are some awesome tips to get you through the scary cave days!


Organize your life. Add a reminder or note down everything you have to do in a planner. Organize a schedule for each course.   As you get busier there is more tendency to forget stuff so be prepared!

Get the readings done on time. You will be more confident in class and it's easier to keep up with the material presented.

Improve your note-taking skills. It's hard to note all the important points mentioned in the class. Compare your notes with your friends, trust me this works!  There are schemes you can use too.  Just google note-taking skills.

Consider joining or starting a study group. Working with a group ensures you don’t miss any concepts plus it's an encouragement to be with others.  Make sure your choice of group is not a distraction.

Stop procrastinating.  Don’t let yourself get distracted by your phone or social media while you are studying.

Do not overload yourself. Is it pride that drives you to take as many courses as possible?  Be wise and do what you can to get a good grade.

Know your Professor's expectations.  Understand the course syllabus and your deadlines. Importantly communicate with your Profs if you’re struggling!

Allocate your study time wisely. Tackle harder work first. Take a breaks. Do not over extend yourself with more and unnecessary tasks.

Hope you guys rock this semester!





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