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What Is Stress?

Oct 21, 2015


With midterms, planning events as part of my leadership position plus all the stuff I have going on outside of school, stress is on my mind.

Everywhere you look there are students with their noses in their books, cramming for the midterm they have later in the day, or writing that paper which is due tomorrow. Stress is a normal thing for your average student.  Are there ways to help reduce stress?  Here are some strategies.

1. Have a power nap.  Why?  Let this quote tell you...

 'A power-nap captures the benefits of the first two of the five stages in the sleep cycle. These first two stages take place in the first twenty minutes. In addition to making you feel more rested and alert, the electrical signals in your nervous system strengthen the connection between neurons involved in muscle memory, making your brain work faster and more accurately.'

So now you know!  Here is a link if you want to know more about power napping.

Alternatively, go to bed earlier!

 2. Take a break. Whether it means getting up off your chair and going for a walk or even to get more water, breaks are important. Try a 20:5 ratio, 20 minutes of studying, 5 minute break.  It really does make a difference.

 3. Exercise.   Whatever works for you.  I love dancing so having a random dance party in my room is great for me , but for you, perhaps a 30 minute walk?  Exercise helps reduce stress, make you happier, and help you focus. 

4. Talk with someone. If you are feeling stressed, and you don't know how to handle it, talk to someone. You can talk to a friend, a professor, staff, your family, whoever.   There will always be someone to listen to you.  Stress is a normal occurrence so nobody will judge you.   At King's we also have a full-time counsellor, Zach Berg.   Book an appointment through the Student Life Office.

Hope this helps.

Now over to you.  How do you deal with stress?  Share your top tips.


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