Commuter Volunteer Assistants

Commuter Volunteer Assistants (CVAs) help off-campus students thrive and belong at King's. Volunteers help Commuter Program Assistants (CPAs) run programs and events and have a chance to see what a CPA role is all about. Often, this opportunity inspires volunteers to apply for a student leadership position the following year.

What do commuter volunteer assistants do?
CVAs are an extra pair of hands at events and regular programs the team runs for off-campus students. These events include anything from a casual coffee drop-in to a Christmas extravaganza. Duties include setting up, assisting in, and closing events and programs as well as hosting events, helping to meet and greet students, and providing an atmosphere of hospitality.

What’s the commitment?
The commuter team wants volunteers to have a healthy and balanced life. We encourage students to consider their schedule and decide how much time they can give.

What qualifications are needed for the CVA role?
A willing heart to serve and a personality that will honour commitments. CVAs can be a commuter or a residence student who has a desire to extend hospitality to students who don’t live on campus.

How does it work in practice?
CVAs are contacted by the CPA who is running an event, and together, volunteers work out what is most helpful based on their schedule.

Incentive Program
We love our volunteers! We are offering prizes to volunteers who go the extra mile. When applying to be a CVA, students will be directed to an hour tracking website. The Commuter Program will reward the CVA's with the highest number of hours!

Ready to apply or just want to find out more?
Complete the application/expression of interest form. There's no immediate commitment. One of the commuter program team members will contact interested applicants to arrange a time for a coffee and chat. After that, a decision can be made.