Gift in Wills

Make a bequest in your will

By making a gift in your Will (otherwise known as a charitable bequest) to The King’s University, you plant seeds for a vibrant future and ensure our uniquely Christian education and research will be available for years to come.

When you create a bequest, you provide a significant gift that can result in a tax receipt for your estate. This receipt will reduce taxes owed by your estate and can result in greater benefits for your heirs.

The greatest benefit of creating this kind of legacy is the fulfilment of making a lasting difference in an area that holds personal significance and value to you and knowing you are contributing to the work of God’s kingdom.

There are three common ways to leave a bequest gift:

  • Specific bequest: you specify a certain amount, asset or item
  • Residual bequest: The King’s University receives the remainder of your estate after debts and provisions for other heirs have been disbursed
  • Percentage bequest: a defined portion of your estate is given to The King’s University

Please print the sample Will wording you may use to discuss with your lawyer.

If you have questions and would like to discuss your options please contact:


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