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Interdisciplinary Studies

Poster for the Fall 2020 Interdisciplinary Studies Conference at The King's University, featuring Dr. Christina Edmunson.

Winter 2021 Conference: Strong Communities; Strong Individuals

January 20-21, 2021

After an awful 2020 that was filled with fear and anxiety – giving in to these feelings is no option. How can we respond? We underestimate the resources all around us that boost our resilience and buffer our identities in such a context. How can community be a response that is filled with courage? Perhaps we need to be a bit more curious.

Breakout Sessions include: yoga and contemplative prayer sessions, Core and Cellular Healing theory, conversation between Campus Ministers, and a cameo by Brene Brown.

Featured Speakers:

  • Keynote: Scott Bader-Saye (Author, Following Jesus in a Culture of Fear): Fear and Identity: Curiosity, Courage, and Community
  • Caroline Leiffers (History, The King’s University): Public Speaking
  • Gordon Preston (Leder School of Business): Business and the Reordering of Ethical Concerns
  • Remkes Koistra (Mathematics, The King’s University): How do we Trust Numbers When they Let us Down?
  • Val Martens (Health - Wellness, The King’s University): Dr. Gabor Mate: Four Alienations
  • PLUS: three student presentations

For more information, contact Ray Klassen, Interim Director of Interdisciplinary Studies.

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Christina H Edmondson, PhD

Dr. Scott Bader-Saye joined the faculty at Seminary of the Southwest as the Helen and Everett H. Jones Chair in Christian Ethics and Moral Theology in 2009 and has served as academic dean since 2013. He also helped found and lead Peacemeal, a missional Episcopal community.

His current research centers on theological readings of gender and transgender. Other research interests include economy, sexuality, political theology, virtue ethics, and interfaith dialogue. He teaches the core Theological Ethics courses for all degree programs. He is author of Following Jesus in a Culture of Fear (2020)Formed by Love (2017), and Church and Israel After Christendom (1999), and has published widely in theological journals and magazines.