Senior Thesis List


T. Steinbring, Initial Detection and Tracking of a Basketball Using a Webcam.
J. Hufnagel, Using Lego Mindstorms as a Motivational Tool in Post Secondary Education.
R. Johnson, 3D Printers and their Applications to Mathematics Education.


Y. Dare-Ore, A Survey of Decision Tree Learning Algorithms.
T. Keeler, Automated Selection of Apartment Residences using Preferences.
A. Martens, A Method to Analyze Web Service Testing Solutions.
A. Tu, Survey of Teaching Effectiveness from Examining Ten Serious Games.
D. Jensen, A Survey of Web-Service Testing
N. Franck, Racing Game for Real-World Geometry Familiarity.
A. Babatunde, Skills Learnt from the Virtual World Into Reality.
C. Lavoie, A GIS Feasibility Study.
P. Vanderveen, A Web Service Test Generator.


N. Goumandakoye, Modelling and Simulation of Virtual Natural Selection and Optimal Search Strategies.
W. Noordhorf, Basic Image Classification Using an Artificial Neural Network.
N. Wielenga, The Use of Lego MindstormsTM in Robotics Education and Scientific Research.
M. Hessels, Path Planning for Robotics .
R. Munir, Small-Scale Network Monitoring By Integrating Geographical Information Systems.
D. Flemming, Realizable OS Development as an Educational Endeavor.
C. Lavoie, A GIS Feasibility Study.


D. Eymundson, Synthesis of DOL-Systems using a genetic-algorithm: Evolving Virtual Plants in a Simulated Environment.
A. Chow, A Survey of Methodologies of Offline Handwritten Signature Verification.
B. Leong, An Evaluation of the Accuracy of Indoor Positioning on the iPhone.


M. Dyer, A GUI for the Modeling of Bacterial Adaptation.
J. Nicholson, The NoSQL Movement, History and Effect on Large Scale Databases.
W. Hamm, A brief Overview of Artificial Intelligence.
B. Dodds-Scott, A Software Interface for Algal Cultures 13C-labeling Apparatus.