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Economics Department

All of us participate in the economy daily, as consumers, workers, business owners and voters. We know that our society faces important issues including poverty, unemployment, and environmental degradation. Having an understanding of how the economy works can help us make responsible economic choices. At King's, we study economics from a distinctive Christian perspective, which recognizes that the economy is part of God's good creation and that we are called to be stewards of the resources God has given us. We also study the economy in the context of the rest of society, considering how economic, social, political and environmental issues are intertwined. We ask how economic activity can be structured to help us live well, seeking justice, peace and the integrity of creation. To read more about our interdisciplinary approach to economics at King's, please see our Politics-History-Economics page.

King's offers a multidisciplinary, 4-year Bachelor of Arts in Politics-History-Economics, a concentration in Economics and Politics in the 4-year Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and an Economics minor.