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International Studies

The International Studies stream explores the international community in which students live, tackling the big global issues that face the world. Students take courses in world politics and human rights, international development and trade, and study the historical events and forces that have shaped the globalized world we live in today.

The International Studies stream is an excellent choice for students wishing to pursue careers in international non-government organizations, economic development, international relations, trade, and more.

Course selection

When selecting politics, history, and economics courses within the PHE major, students specializing in International Studies should include the following:

Program Streams

Program streams allow for specialization within a degree program and prepare students for future employment and professional studies.

    Careers & Graduate Programs

  • Community Organizer
  • Development
  • Economic Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Affairs
  • International Development
  • Journalism
  • Policy Analysis
  • Political Staffing
  • Public Policy
  • Public Service