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"Frenchmen-- thank God they drink a lot"

Fonds/Collection: GSHC 004.003
Postcard Message (Translated)

Your Honour, Mr. Gerlings,

Your letter, etc., has been received.  I am happy to hear that London is doing well and that the trees grow so nicely.  Many thanks for the information.  We are very busy at the brewery, first for Christmas, now for "le jour de l'ander".  Frenchmen-- thank God they drink a lot, especially on holidays.  I trust that your health is all right.

Receive my best wishes for the New Year.

Sender: unknown
Addressee: J.D. Oortman Gerlings
Origin: Montreal, Quebec
Destination: Utrecht, Holland

Krijff, Jan. Greetings from Canada: Postcards from Dutch Immigrants to the Old Country, 1884-1915. Vancouver: Granville Island Publishing, 2012.

Postcard Style: Undivided Back
Publisher: Canada Post Card
Date Sent: December 13th, 1901