Meet The Team

Commuter Program Assistants (CPAs) are students who are part of a larger team of student leaders. CPAs work with the student leadership and service coordinator to organize events for, and build relationships with, King's students who live off campus. Come to a commuter event and get to know the team.

Want to get involved? Consider becoming a commuter volunteer assistant, and apply for yourself.

Dominic Wong
Favourite drink: Lime soda for a warm day, hot green tea for a cold day.
Favourite colour: Light Blue.
Dark or milk chocolate? Milk.
How does Dominic like to chill? "A hammock with friends and playing acoustically. Campfires."
Hobbies? Mostly racquet sports, travel, swimming.
Dominic's celebrity crush? "I don't have one, yet!"




Suwadhini Pathmanathan
Favourite drink: Chocolate milk .
Favourite colour: White and Purple.
Dark or milk chocolate? Milk.  
How does Suwadhini like to chill? "I'm fond of watching movies."
Hobbies? See movies above!
Suwadhini's celebrity crush? "Virat Kohli (Indian cricketer)."





Micha Poworoznik
Favourite drink: Hot chocolate.
Favourite colour: Burgundy.
Dark or milk chocolate? Milk.
How does Micha like to chill?  "Hanging out with my friends and watching a comedy on Netflix or practicing piano to clear my head".
Hobbies? Soccer, playing piano or violin, going on walks, photography
Micha's celebrity crush? "Don't have one!"

Zayal Sirdar
Favourite drink: Tea.
Favourite colour: Purple.
Dark or milk chocolate? Dark.
How does Zayal like to chill? "By myself, reading or netflix with tea."
Hobbies? Dancing, music playing, and drinking coffee with people.
Zayal's celebrity crush? "Joe from survivor. He is my husband!"




Student Leadership and Service Coordinator

Witty Sandle
Favourite drink: Chai Latte.
Favourite colour: Bluey-purple.
Dark or milk chocolate? Dark.
How does Witty like to chill? "Watching a movie and sharing a meal with family and/or friends."
Hobbies? Photography.
Witty's celebrity crush? "It changes!"

CPAs can be contacted directly through their King's email addresses. (first name.second  Witty can be contacted at