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Summer Camps at King's are about exploring, creating, and developing new skills—all while learning from amazing mentors in a fun, encouraging, faith-based environment.

Look forward to meeting new friends and making new memories! Register for one of our three or four-day sport camps, or five-day art and science camps, today.

Paintbrush and paint palette for Art Summer Camp at King's

Art Camp

JULY 10–14 (AGES 8–12)

A one-of-a-kind summer experience for kids to explore and express their creativity through art projects and activities, with each day focused on a different theme.

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Clip art of a birdie for Badminton Camps At King's

Badminton Camp

JULY 7–9 (AGES 10–14) | JULY 14–18 (AGES 14–18)

Have fun and improve your badminton skills under the direction of qualified NCCP instructors including coaches and players of our nationally and internationally-ranked King’s badminton team.

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Clip art of a basketball for Sports Summer Camps at King's

Basketball Camp

AUGUST 14–17 (AGES 11–14) | AUGUST 18–20 (AGES 15–17)

This camp focuses on core basketball skills in an environment that is both fun and engaging.

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Clip art of microscope for Science Camps at King's

Science Camp

JULY 17–21 (AGES 8–12)

Investigate our wonderful world! Science Camp is an exciting summer program designed for young explorers who are curious about the world around them.

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Clip art of a volleyball for Sports Summer Camps at King's

Volleyball Camp

AUGUST 21–24 (AGES 11–14 & 15–17)

This camp focuses on the basic skills of volleyball (attack, blocking, service reception, serving, defense, and setting) in a fun environment that emphasizes teamwork and Christian values.

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