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5 Outdoor Activities You Must Try As The Weather Warms Up

Mar 16, 2018

Hey there, friends,

It’s nearing spring which means the weather is getting warmer and the snow is melting away! What are the types of things you like to do as the weather gets warmer? Keep what you have in mind and add these five outdoor Edmonton activities to your list!

Outdoor Activity #1: Go for a good ol' jog

First thing’s first as the weather gets warmer, go outside and breathe in that fresh air that was too cold to fully breathe during the winter. Fill those lungs up with some good air, and give your heart a good pump. Take a jog in the River Valley and take in the beautiful view.

Outdoor Activity #2: Try out a Segway tour

River Valley Adventure has these really awesome Segway tours you can try, and it helps you see the views of Edmonton a lot faster!

Outdoor Activity #3: Go to the zoo

Edmonton Valley Zoo is the place to go as the weather gets warmer because just like some animals, we would want to go into hibernation during the winter, but it’s not winter anymore! Go visit these animals who are just as excited to see you. Don’t forget to take some selfies!

Outdoor Activity #4: Visit Gardens

What better way to celebrate the warmer weather than to see some greenery finally come out after seeing all that white snow? Go check out the Muttart Conservatory for some lush flowers. Take your family or someone special and enjoy the view!

Outdoor Activity #5: Take a stroll down Whyte Ave

Do some shopping and take cute pictures of your coffee at various coffee shops on Whyte Ave! It’s a nice place to walk outside when Edmonton is on the warmer side of the weather.

There you have it friends. The days are getting longer which means you have a longer time to stay outside and do fun activities and visit all the cool places in Edmonton! Take these ideas and be sure to spread them around!

Yours truly,



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