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Maximize Your $$$ With These Top 5 Tips For Completing The Financial Aid Application

Mar 09, 2018

Hello King's community, 

With the Financial Aid Application deadline coming soon, I thought I'd take the time to write a blog post with some top tips to maximize the amount of money you could receive! 

Our awards consist of competitive bursaries (awards based on financial need) and scholarships (awards based on academic achievement) for full-time students who have enrolled in the upcoming school year. Awards amounts are between $500 and $3,000, with the average student receiving $1500. 

1. Make sure you have Admission!

  • If you're already a student at The King's University, you can skip this step! But if you're a future student, you must have partial admission to King's by March 31 (the Financial Aid application deadline). 

2. Are you registered in enough courses?

  • To be eligible for bursaries, students must plan to enrol in at least nine credits per term.
  • To be eligible for scholarships, students must plan 12 credits per term to be eligible for scholarships.

3. Don't apply for every award

  • If you apply for every award, the system will automatically decline your application. Make sure you only apply for awards you're eligible for!

4. Make sure your application is tailored to the awards you're applying for

  • In the application, you have the ability to write small paragraphs about your faith commitment, stewardship practices, future plans, and involvement at King's. Most awards will ask for at least one of these, so make sure your response is related to the award you're applying for and answers all the requirements. 

5. Use the search tool to find awards you're eligible for

  • You can filter awards by program, year of study, and grade point average to find all the awards you may be eligible for. This will reduce the amount of time it takes to complete your application, and makes sure you apply for every award you can!

I hope this advice has been helpful,




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