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5 Things to Avoid Wearing to School as a Commuter Student

Nov 24, 2017

Hi King’s!

Knowing what to wear to school can be difficult, especially once the weather turns cold. For commuter students who have to trek across the city every morning, this decision can be even more difficult than students in Residence who simply walk downstairs. Whatever you decide, here are five items you should leave at home if you’re commuting to King’s.

1. Slippers

While you might think that slippers would be comfortable to wear around school, you’ll quickly find they don’t hold up in the snow. You may be able to keep them dry during the mad dash from your car to the nearest entrance, but after walking through slush-filled hallways all day, they’re going to be soaked-through by your last class.

2. Birkenstocks

Birks are definitely a trendy staple around King’s, but you’re going to want to leave them on the shoe-rack once the snow hits. Unless you like frozen toes, or wet socks, these are one fashion must-have that should be left to hibernate until spring.

3. Shorts

Unless you’re part of the Canadian ilk that somehow manages to wear shorts every day of the year, you’re going to quickly find that your legs turn to popsicles while your car heats up or while you walk to the bus stop. Your short denim cut-offs might be all the rage, but save those bad boys for when we get into the double digits. ;)

4. Lots of Layers

Staying warm is definitely important, but too many layers can often be more trouble than they’re worth. When you’re moving from classroom to classroom, you don’t want to be spending five minutes gathering all your clothes and trying to carry them along with your books. I recommend investing in a good winter jacket, planning an outfit underneath that works great indoors, and registering a locker to store your outdoor items during the day.

5. Pajama Pants

I’m shocked this even has to be listed, but it’s only here because of past experiences. Obviously, pajama pants should never leave your bedroom, but they also aren’t great protection from the elements. If comfort is your game, a nice pair of yoga pants or leggings is a better choice.  

I hope this post has been informative. Comment below with your own suggestions!


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