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Shopping Time! University Edition

Nov 03, 2017

Hi there, future King’s students!

Did you know there are actually two types of VERY important shopping trips? We all know type one which is shopping for the trendy clothes, shoes, and maybe even that new phone but type two, university shopping, is rare but quite important. A definition--if you will--of university shopping, is scoping out the school that is truly right for you. It’s simple but not so simple at the same time, so that is what I am here for! I have provided you with six simple things to look for in schools plus bonus tips to help you on this big shopping trip!

What to look for in schools:

Student Faculty Ratio

Look for the availability of your professors and teachers’ overall attention for you and your needs for you to successfully walk out with a degree. *Did you know, The King’s University has a faculty ratio of 11:1! For every 11 students, there is 1 teacher!*

Student Life

Look for a school that offers a mix between academics and life. A school that isn’t just about academics. Look for clubs, volunteering opportunities, events, etc.

International Services

Look for a variety of opportunities that can help support international students in the university process and how they can help you get from where you are now to their university. A university that looks after its international students is a good measure for how they look after their domestic students. 

Study Abroad Opportunities

See if there are options for you to expand your learning in places you never imagined of enjoying your education in.

On-Campus Employment Opportunities

Your first job is to be a student, but look for ways you can learn or strengthen your skills right on campus!

Student Services

Find out what types of support they have for students in general; whether that is about financial aid, student services, academic support services, counselling, and more!

Bonus tips for university shopping

Visit, visit, visit!

  • Attend Open House.
  • Attend visit events such as visiting for a day in the week or a weekend!
  • Book an appointment to go on a tour and see the campus.

Online “brains”

  • Research the university you are interested in. Maybe you can come across a blog of current students who blog about their own journey at that university.

Don’t believe the myths!

  • For example, to go to a certain university, you may think you have to be super smart…but anyone is able to make it!
  • Learning curves: there are a lot of stories about scary learning curves, but find out how your university bases their marks on and instead of being scared, conquer your fear and tell yourself you are smarter than the curve!

And it is as easy as that! I hope this shopping trip is just as fun as shopping for trendy clothes, shoes, and a new phone. I have added a bunch of links all throughout this blog that show you all the opportunities The King’s University offers. Happy shopping!

                                Yours Truly,


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