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5 Things to be Grateful for in Isolation

Apr 07, 2020

No one expected to have to self-isolate and change routines like this when 2020 was just around the corner! Although the current situation may be confusing with COVID-19, it’s important to remember that you are not alone in this. I want to share with you what I'm grateful for during this pandemic.

  1. School
    With all courses moving to an online setting, via Zoom for many, it has been an adjustment getting used to the format.  I learn well in small group environments where I can be face to face with my professor and peers. This change has been a challenge not being able to be physically face to face, but I am grateful that I can still continue to study during this pandemic.  I am also grateful for all the King’s professors who have been accommodating and available constantly to allow students to continue to succeed! 
  2. Work
    As a student worker, I am continuing to work from home with the admissions department. I also got another job working nights at a grocery store. I am grateful for the chance to continue to work amongst the changes because it allows a sense of normality!
  3. Talking with Friends
    With everything changing so quickly, most people did not get an opportunity to say a good-bye to their university friends, myself included. However, I am able to continue to keep in touch with my friends digitally, whether that be doing homework together, checking-in, or simply chatting and having a good laugh! 
  4. Spending time with family 
    I moved away from home for university back in Fall 2017 and have not lived at home since.  However, when everything moved online, I decided to move back home to be with my family. It has been interesting being back home, but I am grateful to get to go through this with them and spend time together (something that doesn't happen often!) while still being safe.
  5. Health
    Following the isolation suggestions put in place helps to keep yourself and others safe.  I’ve been keeping up with the research, statistics, and news regarding the virus each day to get insight to what is happening.  I extend my gratitude to all the individuals who are helping to keep us safe, and those who are working directly with the sick, providing the care they need while taking all the precautions.

What are you grateful for during this time of uncertainty? Remember to reach out to others, you are not in this alone! 

Stay safe,

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