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Seasonal Netflix Picks: Documentaries and True Stories

Apr 02, 2020

During this time of isolation, many of us are turning to our screens for a way to pass the time. Lots of students are either off school or have to finish their semester online. I think even in the midst of this pandemic it’s important to keep educating ourselves and learning more about the world around us. To help with that, I want to suggest some documentaries, TV shows, and movies that are either based on true stories or help increase our knowledge on a particular issue:

There’s Something in the Water
In this documentary, Ellen Page brings attention to the injustices caused by environmental racism in her home province. The film focuses on Indigenous and African Nova Scotian women fighting to protect their communities, their land, and their futures.

Self Made
This limited series is inspired by the life of Madam C. J. Walker, a woman who overcame hostile turn-of-the-century America, epic rivalries, tumultuous marriages and some trifling family to become America’s first Black, self-made female millionaire.

Dirty Money
This TV series exposes brazen acts of corporate greed and corruption, and reveals information that large corporations and governments try to hide.

This movie is based on the true story of an Indian boy named Saroo, who was separated from his mother at age 5 and adopted by an Australian couple. Twenty-five years later, Saroo sets out to find his birth family.

The Blind Side
This movie tells the story of Michael Oher, a homeless and traumatized boy who became an All-American football player and first-round NFL draft pick with the help of a caring woman and her family.

I hope this gives you some ideas of what to watch during this time of isolation! I also hope you learn something valuable from these works as they all either highlight issues of injustice, or tell powerful, true stories of individuals around the globe.

Stay healthy, stay inside, and happy Netflix-ing!

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