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How to Have the Best Snow Day Ever

Oct 14, 2016
Snow Day in the Tower Suites
Snow Day in the Tower Suites

Well folks, that first snow storm was bound to happen and the snow means that winter is no longer quickly approaching, but it is upon us! But don’t let the winter blues get you down. Call it a snow day, take a break from homework, and try out these fun activities!

1. Catch up on some reading. Find somewhere cozy and sit with a blanket and enjoy not being out in the cold. Two thumbs up if you can cozy up in front of a fire place!

2. Play a game with friends. Everyone is going to be inside anyways, so invite some friends over and play a board game or card game together. Settlers of Catanada anyone?!

3. Bake something. Whether its cookies, cake, muffins, or whatever else you can bake, your home is sure to smell delicious, which is definitely a good thing since you will be inside for a while.

4. Take a nap. Forget about homework for a little while and catch up on your sleep; I think it’s safe to say that most students could benefit from a good nap.

5. Make some popcorn and watch a favourite movie. Watch an old Disney movie for a throwback to your childhood, or re-watch your favourite movie that you already have memorized.

6. Shovel your driveway. Yes you probably don’t want to go outside because it's cold, but if you shovel right away, it will be so much easier! Better yet, while you’re out there see if any of your neighbours need a hand, especially elderly neighbors who may not be able to.

7. Drink hot chocolate. There really is no better way to warm up on a snowy day than by drinking hot chocolate.

8. Clean your room. Not the most fun task I will admit, but if you put on some good music while you tidy it can’t be that terrible...just think about how rewarding it will be to see your room neat and tidy. And who knows, you may even find some hidden money in a coat pocket or under the bed!

9. Build a fort. Gather up all your blankets and pillows and hide away all day inside a fort. Better yet, watch that Disney movie from inside the fort!

So there you have it, turns out there are some pretty fun things you can do while its snowing. Who knew?




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