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August Movie Must-Watch

Aug 07, 2020

This blog is bittersweet because it is the last movie must watch blog of this summer season! Each month I have been eagerly awaiting to tell you five recommendations that you could indulge in and possibly watch in a couple days and today marks the last of them!

It has been a pleasure and so much fun writing up this series for you each month but it’s not over yet! I haven’t told you what my final five Netflix recommendations are. With that being said, get ready to grab your remote or your laptop, because these are some good ones.

The Shack
This is another one of those movies that does not fail to pull on your heart strings. Everyone buckle up because this movie is about to take you on a mysterious, deep adventure that seeks to answer some very important questions in a deserted shack in the Oregon wilderness.

I think this is a very fitting movie because it involves the institution that everyone talks about: university. Sometimes it’s not for everyone—or isn’t it? In this hilarious comedy, Bartleby and his slacker friends invent their very own institution – an institution for everyone.

The Floor is Lava
This is one of my favorite series to watch lately. The new 2020 series The Floor is Lava is a game show where contestants in groups of three challenge the difficult obstacle courses in different themed rooms. The winner takes home some money and of course, the trophy!

Locke & Key
Looking to watch a little fantasy? A little mystery? A little thrill? I highly recommend this new 2020 series. It may give you some goosebumps but they’re worth it! This series is about the challenge of moving to a new city and school while battling the thoughts inside our very own heads.

Down to Earth
The heart-warming, inspiring new release on Netflix, Down to Earth, stars Zac Efron documenting the different ways we can live sustainably. Efron explores different parts of this beautiful world that we may not be able to travel to and shows us the beauty. Not to mention the famous High School Musical actor goes a long way to teach us to live better! Can’t get any better than that.

Now I can say that this is the end of this series but only the beginning to many more new ideas going forward. Thank you for tuning in to all my suggestions and hopefully you found some new and interesting finds to keep you busy this summer.

Yours truly,

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