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What’s Current with Our Current Students?

Aug 04, 2020

In June I made a blog post about what our recent graduates were up to and I thought that was such a good blog because it’s always fun to see what people’s lives are like right after they finish their time at King’s. However, for this blog, I thought that it would be just as fun and interesting to see what’s new with our current students. Now that school has been over for the summer for a few months, what have they been up to? Let’s find out!

Lindsay Gustaw – 4th Year Politics, History & Economics Major
“I’m going into my fourth and final year of studies at King’s this fall, and following graduation I’m hoping to go into law school. Hence, I’ve spent my summer studying for the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test). The LSAT is a half day standardized test that law schools require you to take as they use your score to assess you upon applying for admission. The test is composed of five parts with three different types of sections: reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning. For anyone who is considering going into law school, some tips I gathered for you are to study early, at least 6 months prior to your test date. My second tip would be to set yourself a goal. The LSAT is ranked from 120-180. Law school is quite competitive and for most schools a competitive score can be anywhere from 160 upwards. Finally, I would say don’t be afraid to change up your studying resources and habits. I started studying by using Khan academy. They have a great free online course that lets you take a diagnostics test to see where you’re sitting before studying, and from there helps you work on your weak spots. I’ve also been using LSAC practice tests (I would definitely say old practice tests are a must in studying. I purchased mine from chapters, but you can find them on the LSAC website). For anyone considering law school in the future, don’t stress yourself out over the LSAT. It feels like a lot but just think of the LSAT as a test of the skills you have obtained throughout your undergraduate degree, you are already more prepared than you think!”

Matthew Tailleur – 2nd Year B.Ed After-Degree in Elementary Major
“Since this is my last year of post-secondary education, I really wanted a job that would be related to my future career as an Elementary teacher. This summer, I was extremely blessed to receive a Biblical Curriculum Development position from St. Mary & St. Mark Orthodox Church. I am currently leading a team to build a Coptic Orthodox Christian curriculum for Grades 4-5 and I am truly enjoying the experience! I believe that the planning and leadership skills from this position will further contribute to my future career in Education and I thank God every day for this opportunity he has given me.”

Emily Faucher – 6th Year B.A English Major, History Minor 
“I’m a student worker with the Marketing department, so this summer break hasn’t been far removed from King’s, except physically. Mostly, I run our Instagram account and help with some of the writing and editing for the website. I work from home a few days a week, with occasional trips to campus or around the city to take new photos. If you were at our curbside grad this year, you may have seen me running around with a camera! It’s pretty exciting to already have an “English major job”, especially since so many people ask what I’ll do with my degree or if I plan on teaching when they find out what program I’m in. When I’m not working, I’m mostly reading or playing video games. Some of my English program friends have started reading The Illiad together for a summer book club!”

Bianca Dublois – 2nd Year B.Ed After-Degree in Elementary Major
“Much like Emily, I too am a student worker but with the Admissions department this summer. I am most likely the one who has been directly contacting you or picking up the phone to answer your questions about our university! I have been working with this team for four years now and this will be my last summer with them as I graduate this academic year and embark on the teaching journey. Working for Admissions has really helped me as a current student at King’s because I’ve greatly improved a lot of my self-confidence, communication skills, and just overall learning to come out of my shell more and more each day. Apart from working, I do lots of DIY projects that will one day make their way into my classroom.”

It’s so nice to get to know our King’s students outside of school. A lot of our students are such diligent workers that even in the summer they are doing things that would relate towards their current degree! I hope you enjoyed getting to know our current students and myself at a different level! Catch you all in the next blog.

Yours truly,

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