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#IChoseKings - Bachelor of Education

Oct 20, 2016
Secondary Education student Josh Borzel hard at work in class!
Secondary Education student Josh Borzel hard at work in class!

Hello future King’s students!

King’s offers a two year Bachelor of Education After-Degree in Elementary Education and Secondary Education. This means that you have to have a Bachelor’s degree in order to enter the program! What’s great about this is as a future teacher, you will have taken a ton of courses to help build their knowledge base in your teachable area, and by having an extra year or two of university, you start a higher point on the salary grid - definitely a bonus! King's B.Ed program will enable you to develop connections between your faith beliefs and your future teaching practices, and will prepare you with the skill needed to be an outstanding teacher!

Check out my interview with 1st Year B.Ed. student Josh Borzel about how he is liking King's Secondary Education program ; his teachable major is History, and his teachable minor is Chemistry:

What are the highlights of this program?

There are so many highlights; it’s hard to narrow it down. I honestly enjoy everything about this program. The classes are great - a lot of reading - but great; and the profs are some of the most helpful and sincere people. However, if I had to choose something that is the best thing about the program it is the fact that everything I am learning is directly pertaining to what I want to do, and shows me how to be a great teacher.

What are your favourite Education courses?

I would say that my favorite education course is Secondary Strategies. Each class we look at different methods on how to conduct a high school class, and think of different strategies in which to improve students learning. It has been really useful in helping me figure out what type of teacher I want to be, and what type of classroom I want to conduct.

Who is your favourite Education professor?

My favorite Ed prof is probably Darlene Eerkes. I have her for two classes: Education Psychology and Secondary Strategies. The way she conducts the classes is with a very personal feel. She stresses that it is important for a teacher to maintain a good personal relationship with their students. She shows us that she truly cares about how we do in the class, but also that she just cares about us as people in general. I definitely see her as a great role model for the type of teacher that I hope to be in the upcoming years.

Do you have any tips for prospective students thinking of taking this program?

The program is great, the professors are awesome, and the content is very hands on. One other great thing about the Kings Education program is that the class sizes are small. This creates unity among you and your fellow students, giving each class a family type of feel. Overall the program has been awesome, and I highly recommend it!

The King’s Education program is great preparation for future teachers – if you are interested in it click here for more information.



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