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Beat the Travel Bug: How to Find Cheap Flights

Jul 05, 2019

Happy Friday Friends!

Are you looking to do some travelling this summer? I know I am! Travelling can be a lot of fun but also quite expensive. Flights are not always cheap and airfare can be the only thing holding people back from travelling. Have no fear because a student blogger is here! I have written up some suggestions of services where you can find cheap airplane tickets to destinations you’ve always wanted to visit. Let’s begin!

Option #1: Cheap0Air
You can book a plane ticket, look for hotels, car rentals, cruises, vacation packages, and more! This website is designed to allow you to travel for less.

Option #2: Expedia   
This website allows you to take a look at what your destination has to offer. Everything from attractions to hotels and even the touristy picture-perfect areas. 

Option #3: Swoop
As cheesy as this is, prepared to be swooped by the prices that you see for your destination! There is a step by step process that allows you to have an easy experience with booking your flight online. You get a detailed breakdown of your seating, any extra baggage you carry, payment, and your itinerary.

Option #4: Flair
This is a website where you can get all the best deals on flights across Canada. It is super easy to access and has simple instructions to follow.  

Option #5: One Travel
This website is exactly as the title says: one stop for travel. This website allows you to find all of your preferred airlines super easily, all in one place, and at a super cheap price!

Option #6: Travel zoo
Travel zoo will find you all of the deals they can in a short amount of time. They also give you a breakdown of hotels that are preferred, things you can do, cruise deals, and their top 20 deals!

I cannot express enough how awesome it is to be able to travel at a good deal. Prices should not hold you back from travelling the world! Whether you are travelling to a loved one, with a loved one, going to have new adventures, or just overall travelling for a good time, the experience is always a lot better if you also have cheap plane tickets. Wishing you all the best on your travel adventures! Let me know down below where you plan to travel to. 

Yours truly,

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