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Debunking the 5-Year Plan

Aug 04, 2017

Hey, students! 

The first day of school is coming up! I always found that around this time you start getting pummeled with questions like 'What are your plans for the fall?' or 'What do you plan to do with that degree?' This can be a little overwhelming and can sometimes cause you to try and plan out the coming years so you have a definite answer to give people. I did that, and when push came to shove, my five-year plan caused some difficulties. 

My five-year plan consisted of this: I'm taking a year off to upgrade, travel, and work. I will be attending a school (any school) to go into nursing. I will then travel with nursing, meet a handsome doctor, get married, and ride off into the sunset with 100 babies and 100 dogs. I'm now coming up to the end of year four out of my five-year plan. I'm not in nursing, I'm not married, I don't have time to have 100 babies, and I'm not allowed dogs on campus. Turns out, instead of all this stuff, I got a reality check! So, in all my wisdom, I'm going to share with you how to debunk the five-year plan that so many of us try to make happen. 

1. It's ok to not know exactly what you're doing
You don't need to know every aspect of your life or have a plan for everything. It's enjoyable to see how things turn out and not know what's around every corner. 

2. Do something different
Don't stick to the status quo. Try out that new class, join the sport you've always wanted to try (synchronized swimming is the bomb dot com), get a hairless cat if you want! Just don't be afraid to step out of the box you might be putting yourself in to fit what others expect of you. 

3. It's all good to switch your program
Turns out I hate vomit, so with that in mind, being a nurse was maybe not the path I should have originally chosen. It's ok for you to start off with a career in mind and then change it. Your faculty advisers, admissions councilors, and professors can all help you think through and/or make the decision to switch your program! Everyone here is on your side and wants to see you succeed! 

4. Let yourself be content
It's easy for us to constantly look forward to the next big thing happening in our lives. But don't judge the excitement of your life on that upcoming concert, birthday, or party. Count the blessings in your life, love on your friends more, spend time with your family, and allow yourself to enjoy the moment you're in right now. 

This new transition into university can be a scary one, but it's also a really exciting time of your life! Enjoy it! Make sure to appreciate the changes you'll make, and don't let yourself get wrapped up in making a plan. I'm extremely thankful that I ended up on a different path than the one I had imagined for myself and hopefully you will too!

xoxo, Gossip Girl 

J.K. it's Becky 

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