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Things to Pack for Rez

Aug 11, 2017
Best Nest 2017
Best Nest 2017

Hey, future King's students!

It's now less than a month away until some of you move into residence! YAY! There is a lot to look forward to while you live in residence, but before you move in, you probably want to think about what you need to bring with you. There are good go-to items you should bring, but there's a lot of items you might forget. Here are a few things you should definitely make sure have a place in your suitcase.

1. Sentimental items

This is one thing a lot of students either forget to bring or think they don't need. If you are not from Edmonton or the surrounding areas, home sickness can definitely be something you experience. Having items to remind you of home and the people you care about can be comforting during those times of home sickness. Whether you bring photos, teddy bears, or other items that remind you of home, try to make your dorm room feel like your home away from home.

2. Mini fridge

No dorm room is complete without a mini fridge. Although living in the tower rooms requires you to buy a meal plan, it is nice to have some food in your dorm room for when you don't want to eat in the dining hall. If you are living with a roommate, you can talk to them about who wants to bring a mini fridge, or even better, you can each bring your own!

3. Coffee maker 

As a university student, coffee is quite important. If it isn't coffee, then tea is the other option. King's has a coffee shop right on campus, but if you need coffee when it isn't open, having a coffee machine in your room is a definite must. Whether you use a Keurig machine, a drip coffee maker, a french press, or an electric kettle, you'll definitely want to have one in your room.

4. Noise cancelling headphones

If you're living with other students, investing in some noise cancelling headphones can be one of the best decisions you make at university. If you need to get an assignment done, these headphones will definitely stop you from hearing people talking and possibly distracting you.

5. Printer

Although there are lots of printers throughout campus, including the 701 study lounge in the tower, having your own printer in your dorm room is really convenient. On those lazy winter nights you can even print your assignments without leaving your bed!

6. Command strips and hooks

Unfortunately you can't make holes in the walls of the Tower, so instead we recommend you buy some command strips and hooks. These are super handy for hanging picture frames, decorations, mirrors, or anything else you want. That way you can beautify your room and avoid residence damage fees!

7. Christmas lights

This last point is very much a traditional King's item that a lot of students have in their dorm rooms. Christmas lights are a great way to decorate your room while providing extra light and ambiance. It adds a calm atmosphere for when you do homework, so I strongly recommend you grab some!

All the best!


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