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DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

Dec 14, 2018

Hey Everyone!

As you may or may not know, ugly Christmas sweaters have become a huge tend recently. So many people are holding ugly Christmas sweater parties as a way to celebrate the holidays. It seems though people are moving away from wearing store-bought ugly Christmas sweaters and are instead making their own. Because of this, I have decided to share with you the instructions on how to create my favorite DIY ugly Christmas Sweater. When you stretch out your arms, you look like a fireplace hearth hung with stockings!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Red long sleeved shirt
  • Hot glue gun
  • White fabric marker
  • Green tinsel
  • Mini stockings
  • Bows and ornaments
  • Black, red, orange, and yellow felt

First, take the shirt and the white marker and draw lines on the body of the shirt to look like bricks on a fireplace. Make sure to stagger the lines so that they look like properly stacked bricks.

Next, work on cutting out the fireplace. Start by cutting a large rectangle out of the black felt, making sure that it is smaller than the body of the shirt. This will be the base of the fireplace. From here cut out of the red felt a large flame, almost the width of the black felt rectangle you previously cut out. If you’re not sure how to cut out a flame there are plenty of templates online. After this, you can cut out of the orange felt a slightly smaller flame. Using the hot glue gun, glue the orange flame on top of the red one. Then cut out of the yellow felt an even smaller flame. Glue this one on top of the orange flame. Stacking these colors will help give dimension to your fire. After your fire is assembled you can glue it onto your black rectangle to look like a fireplace. If you want to get really creative you cut out logs from brown felt to add to the look of the fireplace.

From here you are going to start working on the mantel. Stretch out the sleeves of the shirt and use the hot glue to glue the tinsel from the end of one sleeve to the end of the other. This will look like the garland on top of the fireplace. Now you can decorate your tinsel using the bows and ornaments. After this, glue on your stockings. Try to make sure they are hanging off the sleeves so when you lift your arms they look like they are hanging off the mantel.

The final step is gluing the fireplace onto the shirt. Try to position the top of it close to the tinsel.

There you have it! A cute ugly Christmas sweater that will be the talk of the party.

Till Next Time,


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