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Dorm Room Dining

Apr 15, 2016

Hey King’s!

There comes a time for every first year rez student when they get tired of the cafeteria options, are too lazy to go down to the cafeteria, or are hungry when the cafeteria is closed. I’ve decided to come up with some simple dorm room snacks/meals you can make with the “equipment” you are allowed to have in your dorm room! Take a look and maybe even give them a try!

1. Oatmeal

What you need: (Choose one from the list ) Keurig, coffee maker, kettle, mug or bowl       

Ingredients: Instant oats                           

Instructions: Heat up the water. Put oats in a bowl or mug and add the boiled water. *Add brown sugar or maple syrup for more flavour, especially if you’re using plain oats.

 2. Hot Dogs

What you need:  (Choose one from the list) Plug-in kettle, coffee maker       

Ingredients: Hot dogs, hot dog buns, your choice of condiments                                                                                          

Instructions: The goal here is to boil the hot dogs. If you are using a plug-in kettle, boil the water and drop them in. If your kettle has an automatic shut off button then keep an eye on it. Once it has been a few minutes, turn it back on (leaving the hot dogs in there). If you’re using a coffee maker you’re going to boil it right in the pot over the heat source.

3. Grilled Cheese

What you need: Coffee Maker          

Ingredients: Bread, butter or margarine, cheese

Instructions: For this one you’ll just be using the coffee pot ‘burner’, so set your coffee pot aside and maybe clean off the burner before starting. Turn your coffee maker on so that the ‘burner’ heats up. Butter one side of each slice of bread. Place the buttered side of your bread on the burner. Place cheese on top then your last piece of bread (buttered side out). Leave until there is some browning then flip. Repeat until your bread is light brown and cheese is all melted. *Tip: Use the cheap sliced and packaged cheese, it melts better. Also, clean off your coffee maker when you’re done…            

4. Kraft Dinner

What you need: Plug-in kettle         

Ingredients: Kraft Dinner, milk/butter

Instructions: I’m pretty sure you’ve all made KD before…. I won’t be going into detail with this one. Just boil the water in your kettle, dump in the noodles and wait until they are boiled. Just like I’ve already mentioned, if your kettle has an automatic shut off, you may have to turn it back on after a few minutes for the water to stay boiling. Then add in the mix, your butter/milk to taste and enjoy!

5. Quesadillas

What you need: Hair straightener, tin foil                     

Ingredients: Tortilla, cheese (or other filling)

Instructions: This one is another fairly simple on. The key is to not jam pack your quesadillas  too full with your choice of filling. Also, try some other fillings like; PB & J, Nutella or cream cheese - get creative with it! To start it off, take a piece of tin foil and place a tortilla on top. Put your choice of filling on the tortilla and fold in half. Wrap it with tin foil *Very important to only fold the wrap once, in half and avoid more than one layer of tinfoil. Make sure to put the shiny side of the tin foil facing inside, not out. Once wrapped, use your heated hair straightener and run along the wrap until finished—take a look at it every so often to see how it’s coming along…anddon’t be afraid of burning it.

Well, there you have it folks - 5 simple snacks/meals you can make in your rez room!

Bon Appetit!


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