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Happy National Grilled Cheese Day!

Apr 12, 2016

Our delicious creations!
Our delicious creations!

Hey Kings,

Guess what?! National Grilled Cheese Day is a thing! Not fully believing my fellow student bloggers, I turned to the trusty Google and found out more about this day and grilled cheese in general. After killing a significant amount of time in this interesting research, I figured I’d share my new-found knowledge with you!

 History Facts:

  • The Ancient Romans were the first known people to cook cheese and bread together
  • Following the great example of the Romans, many other cultures decided to create their own versions
  • The idea of grilled cheese really kicked off with the invention of sliced bread in the 1920s, which combined with the invention of cheese slices in ~1916, assembling grilled cheese was made ever so much easier!

 Different Names/Types from Around the World:

  • Cheese toastie or toasty – Popular in the UK where it is either grilled, baked in an oven or placed in a pie iron
  • Croque Monsieur – Popular in France where Gruyere cheese is melted inside a ham sandwich
  • Croque Madame – Same as the Croque Monsieur but adding a fried egg on top
  • Bauru – created in Brazil, mozzarella cheese melted in a bain-marie over toasted bead slices, tomato and pickles
  • Bombay Masala Cheese Toast – Made in India, featuring green chutney sauce, mashed potato, spices, masala, and  vegetables

 Here's My Recommendations for Fillings:

  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Chips and gouda cheese
  • Cream cheese, mascarpone, powdered sugar and strawberries
  • Ham, pineapple, cheese and sliced jalapenos
  • Bacon, cheese and guacamole

In light of this nationally recognized day, Admissions' Bloggers decided we should celebrate this occasion by making a variety of grilled cheese! Check out the photo above with our impromptu flavour combinations:

  • Mac & Cheese with bacon
  • Brie, bacon, tomato and spinach
  • Cheddar cheese, havarti cheese, bacon and turkey

Well that's all for now folks! Happy National Grilled Cheese Day!



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