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Garden Craze - 5 Gardening Tips

May 29, 2020

Summer is perfect for trying to cultivate a garden with all the natural sunshine and long days. I’ve always wanted to start a garden of my own but this is something that is so intricate and takes a lot of patience.

What are your common questions about starting a garden? How can I keep all my plants alive? Are there any good tips or tricks a fellow gardener might need to know?

I for one am not an expert on how to make any kind of garden so I’ve gathered some intel from my friends who are garden EXPERTS. Let’s see what they have to say and hopefully we all walk out with some handy information!

Garden Tip #1: Purpose
This is such a simple and maybe obvious trick but you have to remember the purpose of your garden. What kind of garden are you trying to cultivate? This is important to consider because everything you plan to do afterwards all builds up from your purpose. A vegetable garden may have different needs and require different things than a flower garden.

Garden Tip #2: Soil
For a house to be stable, you need a solid foundation. Similarly with making a garden, things grow if they grow from good soil. Consider the kind of soil you pick carefully. There are all kinds of soil such as organic, compostable, etc. How will you know what soil you need? Research & purpose. Remember what kind of garden you’re trying to grow and research specifically on what your plants need.

Garden Tip #3: Location & Sun
To sun or not to sun, that is the question. Of course every garden needs sun! But they key is how much. The location of where you set up your garden will obviously impact plant growth. Some gardens do best in full sun, some may need a place where they will get a mix of sun and shade.

Garden Tip #4: It’s not too ‘mulch’ is it?
I did not know that there are different kinds of mulch. This material is essential for soil to retain moisture and improve the soil’s fertility in your garden or bedding. It’s made out of an organic material and comes in various forms like tree bark, wood chips, etc. The important part is not to put too much mulch or too little of it. A blog written by Tammie Painter gives good pointers for how to figure out how much mulch you need.

Garden Tip #5: When to plant?
I found a really great blog by Laurie Neverman that tells us what the best time is to seed specific plants throughout the year. She even includes a chart! Timing of when to plant seeds is just as important as location because timing allows for the fullest potential of your vegetation to grow.

A huge shout out to all the garden experts in our communities! It is because of you our world breathes a little better, looks a little brighter, and feels like home. I’ve definitely learned something new and I’m overwhelmed with the amount of things I need to keep in mind and do to make my garden flourish but all in a good way. If you have any ideas of your own, I would love to hear them!

Now let’s take what we’ve learned and have some good thymes in the garden. Can I get a kale yeah!?

Yours truly,

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