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Movie MAYhem

May 26, 2020

What better way to spend summer than to catch up on all the movies you missed because you were too busy either studying or doing homework during the school year? Not only do you get to watch all the movies your heart desires but you can also bring the movies outdoors so you can enjoy nice weather and good movies!

Sometimes I have trouble finding good movies and I often seek suggestions from my friends. Good thing we have this 601 blog because we are those friends that give out movie suggestions!! We decided that there will be a blog every month dedicated to movie must-watch suggestions. Each blog will have our top five from Netflix that you should try! Here’s our list of MAYhem movies:

The Healer
This movie has a fun spin on the ability to heal. The main character – a “handyman”—seems to have reached rock bottom in his old town. Eventually someone comes to reassure him that’s not all his life is about. He picks himself up, moves towns, and it seems like repairing things isn’t the only thing he’s good at!

Soccer Mom
This hilarious comedy depicts a soccer mom who challenges gender roles! Some call her a soccer mom, but some also call her coach. The catch is nobody realizes that she could be both.

Emoji Movie
Now hear me out, a movie about emojis!? I know, that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw the preview picture. However, something in me told me to give it a try and it’s actually a pretty hilarious movie. We live in a generation that is immersed in technology and I for one do love an emoji every now and then. This movie centers on emotion and how one emoji is expected to only display one. Everything in the city of Textopolis is governed over making only one emotion. But what happens when you have an emoji that has multiple expressions? Let me tell you, the city goes wild.

For all my viewers that love some action and fast-paced films, this one is 100% for you. I was never a fan of watching action movies but I figured I knew Chris Hemsworth so I thought I’d give it a shot. This movie is a whole mix of emotions. Hemsworth is on this rescue mission to save a child who had been kidnapped and at first for him it was just a rescue mission… but it becomes more than that. The adrenaline, heart-pumping, pulling-your-heart-strings kind of moments are all found in this movie.

The Half of It
This story is a powerful one. We don’t even know the half of someone’s story, thoughts, or feelings, and that’s exactly what you’ll see unfold in this movie.

Similar to the last movie that I had mentioned, this list of movie suggestions isn’t even half of it! Get cozy and go watch these movies!

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