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How to Find a Student Summer Job

Mar 12, 2020

Summer is approaching fast, and if you haven’t already locked down your summer job, I’m here to help you out. Finding a job can be difficult, but there are lots of resources available to help make job hunting a little easier for you!

If you’re staying in Edmonton this summer, the King’s website has a job registry where different positions around the city are posted. This is a great place to start your job hunting because there’s a lot of variety in the positions posted here, and sometimes the employers are King’s alumni looking for King’s students to work for them!

Another place to look for jobs is through the city of Edmonton. They have positions open to the public, but they also offer specific student positions, most of which are four months long and perfect for the summer!

For any science students that might be interested in summer research, the deadline at King’s for NSERC applications has passed, but I would still encourage you to talk to your professors and see if they’re still looking for a research student, or if they know of someone who is. Another great place to look for this is at the University of Alberta. U of A has a lot of positions available for undergraduate students; you can check them out here or visit the school and check out the bulletin boards!

Another option is the Student Summer Employment Registration Service, which lets students submit their resumes to a centralized database for consideration on summer employment opportunities with the Alberta Public Service. If your resume is chosen for a position, you will be contacted for an interview!

These are all great resources that I encourage you to use! However, from my past experience, I find the best way to get a job is to talk to people and use your connections. The worst thing they can do is say no, but there’s a good chance someone you know could make something work for you or knows someone who is hiring!

                                                                                                             Good luck job hunting!

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