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Green Initiatives on Campus

Mar 17, 2020

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Often, the colour green is associated with this fun chipper holiday and thus, I thought I would highlight some green initiatives we have on campus to promote sustainability, stewardship, and renewal. 

  1. Trees For Tomorrow 
    As part of King’s annual Giving Tuesday campaign that occurred on December 3rd, money was raised for this cause to plant more trees around campus!  This summer King’s will plant approximately 160 trees around the campus building to provide more green space for students and to spruce up the look of our campus (haha get it?!). The places where the trees will be planted include the Knoppers Hall and drama theatre entrances (which are commonly used by our commuter students!), outside the Level Coffee House, around the soccer field, and along 50th street.  With this project, they are also planning on developing a Native Prairie Grasses Preserve by the apartment building in future years. 
  2. Solar Array
    From a grant given to King’s in 2017/18, there are now a ton of solar panels on top of our library roof. These panels help with the power consumption of the university. The degree to which these panels contribute to green power at King’s will only continue to rise in future years!
  3. Solar Heat Curtains
    Located in the North Academic Building, the solar curtains assist the school in regulating heat throughout the year. The blinds automatically move up or down based on the amount of sun coming in and the heat in the building. They are capable of blocking up to 85% of the solar heat that comes into the building.  Even though it can block that much, there is always plenty of natural light throughout the alumni lounge of the NAB!
  4. Community Garden 
    Right outside and around the corner of the apartment building is the community garden.  It is fully equipped for all to use from King’s and those from the surrounding community.  All you have to do is book a plot and maintain it! Time to use your green thumbs.

There are some amazing green initiatives around our campus! Check out the little green leaf icons on our interactive campus map to see more of our sustainability initiatives. Hope you have a lucky day!



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