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How to Make the Most of Your High School Grad

May 20, 2019

Dear High School Graduates,

As you approach your graduation day, the day you’ve waited 12 years for, I want to share five tips with you to make the most out of your very special day!

  1. Take lots of pictures! These are moments that you want to look back on and remember, so get pictures with your friends, family, and teachers! I promise you that you will look back at them in a few years and be happy you took as many as you did.

  2. A more practical tip for you: wear comfy shoes! Especially my ladies, your graduation day is already a long day as is, so don’t make it harder on yourself! If you are already set on wearing your brand new stilettos (which I don’t blame you for), bring an extra pair to change in to when you’re not taking pictures. Trust me, this tip comes from personal experience of NOT bringing a change of shoes . . . I have so many regrets.

  3. Talk to everyone! You made this journey together, you should be proud of each other! This could be the last time you see some of your fellow classmates, so enjoy the day with everyone! Some of my favorite memories from graduation day are when I had the chance to talk to some of my classmates that I normally didn’t get the chance to talk to.

  4. Don’t forget to spend time with your family. Of course this is a day that you want to celebrate with your friends too, but make sure you get some family time in on the big day. These are precious moments that you will miss if you move away, so take them all in!

  5. Relax and ENJOY the day! You will only graduate from high school once, so try to live in the moment and soak in every bit of your special day!

I hope at least some of these tips will come in handy for you on your graduation day! Most importantly though, just enjoy your day! You’ve worked so hard to get to this point, so give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate yourself!

Happy Graduation Day!

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