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#IChoseKings - Bachelor of Science

Mar 11, 2016

Hey King’s!

Continuing on with our #IChoseKings series, today we’ll look at why so many students choose to study Natural Science at King's!

Degree Overview

  • Science degrees at King’s are offered in 3 and 4 years degrees, depending on the major.
  • There are 4 different majors in Natural Science: Biology, Chemistry, Computing Science and Environmental Studies.

Why Take Science at King’s?

  • By taking your degree at King’s you have access to lab equipment and training starting in your first year that most students at other institutions would not use until they completed their undergrad.
  • There are plenty of opportunities to work as a paid summer research assistant doing one-on-one research alongside your professors.
  • Each major enters the discipline with a Christian perspective, encouraging students to take up the role as responsible stewards of God's creation.
  • Because King’s is a Liberal Arts University, you are required to take courses like English, Philosophy and Theology, which provide you with excellent communication and critical thinking skills. These can come in handy when it comes time to write research papers or present at scientific conferences!

Major Highlights

  • Biology: If you’re a student in our Biology program there are lot of opportunities for students to work on research projects alongside their professors. In your 4th year you'll have a year-long research project of your choosing (like DNA analysis), and you can work over the summer doing one-on-one research with a prof.
  • Chemistry: Our Chemistry program allows students to have a lot of hands on experience with a variety of lab equipment and develops students understanding of Chemistry by encouraging critical thinking skills rather than just following instructions. Graduates from this program receive their Professional Chemist (P. Chem) designation automatically, whereas if you did Chemistry at another institution you would have to take the Honours program to receive this.
  • Computing Science: King’s is the only Christian University in Canada that offers a BSc in Computing Science! This program is also great when it comes to getting scholarships! There is an annual $2,400 automatic scholarship that is awarded to every student with an average of 75% or higher, in addition to the automatic entrance scholarships! This program also features two internships that are usually paid positions.
  • Environmental Studies: Students can combine their passion for the environment with another area of interest, including Biology, Chemistry or Computing Science. Students partake in many field trips for hands-on learning! And students receive job preparation in their second year, including preparing resumes and cover letters to help them receive a summer internship and to increase their marketability once they’re finished school.

Course Favourites

I’ve talked with some of our Science students and here's a few of their favourite courses!

  • BIOL 330: Ecology - has really cool field trips!
  • BIOL 346: General Microbiology - lots of hands on labs and opportunities to learn cool lab techniques.
  • CHEM 441: Environmental Chemistry - has fun labs taking water and soil samples and testing them.
  • CMPT 405: Software Testing and Security - you get to learn how to create software that will provide long-term solutions and evolve with the changing industry.
  • ENVS 300- Humankind and the Biosphere - also features several great field trips!
  • ENVS 410- Resource Planning and Environmental Management - students get to go to Banff and Canmore to learn about conserving natural resources!

If you enjoy and excel at Science in High School, check out our Science programs! For more tips on choosing a major, check out our website!



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