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Into the Unknown: A Reflection on the Year Ahead, and Further Supports for Students

Aug 28, 2020

As summer officially winds down and schools start to open up and function again, I would like to take this final summer blog as a reflection of the academic year ahead.

In the last couple of blogs, we’ve talked about what our King’s community is doing to ensure this new academic year is successful and safe for our students, staff, and faculty. We’ve also talked about some tips for helping with online learning because there is certainly going to be a lot of that this year.

Some things may still feel uncertain at this point and it’s still okay to have questions. As the Admissions team, we want to tell you that everything will be okay. We are going through this together and trying new things. We still want you to have the in-person student experience… it might just look a little different.

Change can definitely be scary, but often things need to start changing in order for them to grow.

For more information and supports, the following is a list of links and emails that you can access as we move into this new, strange, and interesting semester.

King’s COVID-19 Response Information and Resources  
This page includes all of the recent and past updates regarding classes and what we are planning to do for this upcoming year from our president.

Student Life Inquiry
If you have any questions about student experience, feel free to email for more information.

Admissions Inquiry
If you are inquiring about course registration, what courses to take, or need to speak with your admissions counsellor, feel free to email us at or call us at 780-465-8334.

To the incoming new students, welcome to King’s! This may be an unconventional way of greeting you this year but know that we are so excited and grateful that you are starting your university career here and we will try our best to make your learning experiences the best they can be.

To the returning King’s students, you are still as resilient and strong as ever. Although things are different, this year is still an important one for you whether you are graduating or continuing your journey. This will be the year to grow, learn, and change.


Signing off for the summer & see you in the fall,

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