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June Movie Must-Watch Recommendations

Jun 19, 2020

Another movie must-watch list coming at you for the month of June! I have been indulging in the Netflix life for a while now and I recently came across these movies and shows that I cannot wait to share with you.

Today’s top five suggestions are a mix of movies and a show that vary from comedy to action to the kinds that really pull on your heart strings.

Life of the Party
Starting off this list is a good old comedy. A very bright, hilarious, and not at all shy middle-aged mother decides to go back to college to complete the degree she never finished. Will her time back on campus be the time of her life or will it be something no one has ever expected? The only way to find out is to watch this movie! 

All the Bright Places
A little bit of a rom-com where two people meet to change each other’s lives. Both have had very emotional and physical scars from the past that make it hard to open up. But when they do, they realize that every little place is a little brighter together.

Good Will Hunting
This is another one of the movies that pulls on your heart strings… and your head strings. Will Hunting has this sort of gift about him that helps him in one part of his life, but it seems that he needs direction in other parts of his life. Could you guess what kind of gift he has?

Oceans 8
Talk about female empowerment! This Netflix movie is about more than just the technicality of grabbing a million dollar necklace from Cartier. It is about constant teamwork, brains, and skill. This is an action-packed but also very comedic movie starring Sandra Bullock and Anne Hathaway. Not to mention that Rihanna is in this movie as well!

The Big Flower Fight
A Netflix Original series that is worth watching if you are into designing, customization, plants, and gardens. I was never big on gardening but this show caught my attention because it is so much more than that! The blend of artistry, plant knowledge, and even carpentry is a mix that you don’t want to miss. Well done with this one Netflix Originals!

I get this giddy feeling after writing these suggestions down because I've experienced such good feelings watching these movies that I hope they can be feel-good movies for you too. Now off you go, the movie marathon journey shall continue!

Yours truly,

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