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Keep Up the Holiday Spirit with these 5 Winter Activities

Dec 07, 2021

Hey everyone,

Happy December! I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely starting to get into the holiday spirit as we approach my favourite time of the year– Christmas! Today, I will be providing some of my favourite winter activities that you can try with your family and friends to keep up the holiday spirit.

Cookie Swap

Plan a cookie swap with your friends and relatives to not only show off your baking skills, but to also enjoy dozens of treats while you study for upcoming exams! To do a cookie swap, each person sticks to just one type of cookie or treat and bake around half a dozen treats for each participant to take home. By the end of the swaps, each person should have dozens of various treats for themselves!

Ice Skating

While I have never been a great skater, I still do love to skate around and (attempt) playing hockey with my friends at outdoor ice rinks. Make sure to dress warm and wear gloves! At the end of this activity, go find a cozy cafe to warm-up with some hot chocolate with your friends.

Family/Friends Holiday Card Photoshoot

Get creative for this one! Plan a winter photoshoot with your family, friends, or pets to put on your Christmas cards later on. Challenge yourself to create the funniest photos and bring laughter to whoever receives your card!

Gingerbread House Contest

This activity is a classic for winter, especially during Christmas. Plan a contest with your friends to see who can build the most creative gingerbread house. Choose a winning prize and then get some judges to determine the ultimate winner!


I think this might be my favourite winter activity! Rabbit Hill Snow Resort is about 20-30 minutes outside of Edmonton, where you can ski or snowboard with your family and friends. There are also other ski areas within the city such as Edmonton Ski Club, Sunridge Ski Area, and Snow Valley Ski Club.

Have fun and stay warm!


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