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King's Ambassadors: What Are They, and How Can You Join?

Mar 24, 2020

One of the great opportunities to get involved in at King’s is our student Ambassador Program! Ambassadors are the face of King’s to the community and to prospective students, and consist of 15 returning students and 5 first-year students. It’s a great way to volunteer for various internal and external events like Open House, King’s Encounter Weekends, Top 40 Under 40, and high school productions.

I asked some of my fellow ambassadors some questions about the program to give you more insight into this amazing opportunity!

Why did you join the ambassador program?
“When I heard of Ambassadors I thought I wanted to become one to have a positive impact on people in the Kings community. I wanted to spread the joy of God through Kings and meet amazing high schoolers.” 
-Morgan Fischer, 4th Year B.Comm. student, 4th year ambassador 

“I joined because I wanted to try something different for my final year!”
-Rachel Lucier, 5th Year B.A. Psychology student, 1st year ambassador 

“I wanted to meet new people and strengthen my relationships with my current friends while also being a face for King’s.”
-Allie DeWeerd, 2nd Year B.A. Social Sciences student, 1st year ambassador

“I decided to join ambassadors because I thought it would be a good way to continue to get involved in the King’s community. After my first two years I realized that I hadn’t been very involved in the community, and hadn’t really been doing things other than just school work. I thought that the ambassador program would be a good way for me to become engaged and meet some new people at the same time.”
-Evan Arndt, 4th Year B.A. Psychology student, 1st year ambassador 

“I was told coming into school that I should get involved in things around King’s. Ambassadors was one of the things I got involved in during my first year.”  
-Michelle Roseboom, 3rd Year BA. ENVS, 3rd year ambassador 


What was your favourite volunteer shift as an ambassador this year?
“I really enjoyed being a part of the open houses and doing the set-up and prep for events” -Morgan Fischer

“My favourite volunteer shifts so far have been the open houses! I love getting to share the things that I love about King’s with prospective students, and show them around King’s.” -Rachel Lucier

“My favourite volunteer shift is open house. Although it is crazy and people are a little stressed because it is a very long day, we are all in good moods hoping to get new students for King’s. It is really fun!” -Allie DeWeerd

“My favorite shift as an ambassador is the open house because it is an opportunity to have a fun day with my teammates and interact with people who were in my shoes not too long ago. I love sharing some of my personal experience about how awesome King’s is and why I believe it was the right choice for me.”-Evan Arndt

“My favourite would have been panel discussions.  I love discussing with students about King’s and the experiences I have had thus far!” -Michelle Roseboom

What is your favourite aspect of being a part of the team?
“You have a strong relationship with other Ambassadors.” -Morgan Fischer

“I have really enjoyed getting to know students outside of my discipline and building friendships with new people. The sense of community has been awesome and it makes going to a small university that much better!” -Rachel Lucier

“My favourite part about being on the team is connecting with new students and telling them my story of how I came to King’s so I can encourage them to attend King’s as well.” -Allie DeWeerd

My favorite aspect of being on the ambassadors team is the camaraderie I have built with my teammates. It was very easy and natural and no matter how much time has passed since you have seen each other you can always pick it up like no time at all has passed.” -Evan Arndt

“Getting to know students that are not in my program and year and people I probably would not have gotten to know without the program.” -Michelle Roseboom

What would you say to students interested in joining the 2020/2021 team?
“It is a great way to meet people and be part of a community.” -Morgan Fischer

“My only regret was not joining sooner, haha! It has been an amazing experience working with such a warm and welcoming team. It has also been a privilege to represent my university as an ambassador and to give back to the place that means so much to me!” -Rachel Lucier

“Do it!! It's a little daunting but it is a great way to meet people and form relationships. I really recommend it!!”-Allie DeWeerd

“I would say go for it! It's an awesome opportunity with a ton of benefits and a cool way to interact with King’s students, faculty, and prospective students. Some people are put off by the time commitment, but it is seriously less than you think and it goes by so quickly because you are genuinely having fun at your shifts.” -Evan Arndt

“Just go for it! Even if it is a little bit out of your comfort zone. You get more connected with the King’s community, meet new friends, get lots of swag, and get to be the face of King’s to all the prospective students.” -Michelle

If you're interested in becoming one of our Ambassadors or just learning a little more, make sure you check out our Ambassador Program webpage!

Hope to see you join the team!

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