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Program Feature: Environmental Sciences and Environmental Studies (ENVS)

Mar 19, 2020

As we responsibly retreat from enclosed public spaces in the wake of a pandemic, perhaps you've had the opportunity to notice and explore the world around you. From going for regular walks to get some vitamin D to birding in your backyard and watching nature live cams, lots of recommendations for self-isolation activities involve turning to nature. If you are touched by the beauty of the natural world, perhaps a degree in Environmental Studies or Environmental Sciences is the right choice for you!

What does Environmental Studies or Environmental Sciences at King’s look like? It’s the perfect blend of classroom learning and hands-on experience. By building internships and off-campus field learning into the program, students are introduced to new ways of respecting and interacting with the planet, and can intimately explore the latest in environmentally friendly practice, theory, and technologies.

With a course list that draws from a combination of disciplines like Environmental Studies, Biology, and Geography, our students develop a well-rounded approach to creation care. From studying the history and practice of voluntary simplicity, to conservation biology and human geography, approaching our relationship with nature through a variety of lenses prepares ENVS graduates both for immediate entrance into their careers and for further education at the post-graduate level.

Environmental Science and Studies at King’s are flexible programs; students have some choice in which courses they take, and because ENVS is available as a major for both the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees, they can choose to study from the natural science or arts and humanities perspectives. This allows students to enter their studies from within their usual approach to the world while challenging themselves to grow.

At King’s, we want students in all fields of study to succeed. Check out our list of scholarships and bursaries that our Environmental Studies students may be eligible for.

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