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Midterm Season: Campus Supports & Study Tips

Oct 15, 2019

Midterm season is right around the corner. Don’t let this time of year be daunting because you have all the supports you will ever need all around you. In this week’s blog, I will be highlighting your access to resources, supports, and even some study tips to help you with the grind this midterm season.


  • Academic Enrichment Centre
    Above all, various kinds of supports will be housed in our newly built AEC, also known as our Academic Enrichment Centre. This is where students will be able to access further support in academics such as study tips, time management, and tutoring for those who would like that. Keep your eyes peeled – it should be opening soon!
  • Community Life Hallway
    The community life hallway is what used to be called our student life hallway. This is the second location of our supports here at King’s. This is where you will have access to faculty who are willing to help you foster relationships with students and professors. You will also find staff who are willing to help support and develop your personal and spiritual life.

Study Tips

  • Take healthy breaks
    Most often, people expect you to stay on a constant schedule of studying, doing homework, and handing in your papers. Even though that is a vital part of a student’s life, another one is to take healthy breaks. Maybe even devote a specific day where you do other things besides schoolwork. Taking your mind off of things may lead to better study habits!
  • Devote a specific time slot for preparation, action, and revision.
    You are usually given a due date for your assignments, right? Make a schedule and write down how long you need for preparation, actually doing the assignment, and editing and doing last minute touch ups to your assignment. I find that when you have a time line for each section, you stay on top of things better!

I hope that highlighting some of these changes around our campus has intrigued you into checking out our resource spaces! So long as you know that our campus is always rooting for you to be the best you can in your studies, that’s all that matters.

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