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On-Campus Employment Opportunities

Mar 30, 2021

Tuition costs can be a big deterrent in attending university for many students. I have found a few ways to help pay tuition, and one of them has been a part time job at the Admissions office. This is just one of the few on-campus employment opportunities that King’s offers. Here are some of the on-campus employment opportunities available, how you can apply, and some of the benefits of working on campus:  

What opportunities are available?

There are a number of different opportunities for on-campus employment. This includes working at the reception desk, for the Athletics department in a number of different positions, in the library, at the Level coffeehouse, and more! Check out the Campus Employment webpage for a full list of on-campus employment opportunities.

How do you apply?

To apply for on-campus jobs, you will have to fill out the On-Campus Employment Form online. Before applying, make sure you have prepared resume information about your past work experience and have a couple of references. While King’s offers a number of employment opportunities for students, there is simply not enough positions available for every student, so make sure you apply before the April 30 deadline and fill out everything appropriately. Upon filling out your application, it will be distributed to the departments you applied to, and only students selected for an interview will be contacted.

What are the benefits of On-Campus Employment?

As I mentioned previously, having an on-campus job can help you pay for your tuition, rent, and other costs. It’s also super convenient in terms of location and hours. Your employer recognizes the importance of your role as a student and will be willing to help you create a suitable schedule that fits around your classes. As a student, your first job is being a student! Working on campus can also help you gain useful experience and some references upon graduation.

If you are worried about university costs, or if you just want some more work experience, looking into on-campus employment opportunities could be a great idea for you!

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