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Palentines Day – Things To Do With Your Friends on Valentine's Day

Feb 12, 2019

Hello friends,

Happy almost Palentines day! I know, it is supposed to be Valentines, but who said only couples get to celebrate Valentine’s Day? No one, because you can definitely celebrate this day with a bunch of your friends. Here is a list of things you can do with your pals on this lovey-dovey day:

  1. Skating
    Why not head somewhere you can skate? Skating is so much fun whether or not you know how to! You can go to West Edmonton Mall and skate at their skating rink or go to a small community rink near you!

  2. DIY Staycation
    Don’t want to brave the cold? Why not stay in with some company and create a DIY spa/mini vacation? Buy a couple of face masks, cucumbers, hair masks, snacks, and have yourself a relaxing Palentines Day.

  3. Watch Movies
    Now is your time to catch up on all the movies you planned on watching but usually have no time to because of school and homework. You and your friends can laugh, cry, scream, and enjoy action packed movies on Netflix and even stuff your faces with pizza and sweets!

  4. Palentine’s Dinner
    Chances are, there is a group of your friends who want to hang out for Valentine’s Day, so why not just grab all the friends you can and host a Palentine’s dinner party? The more the merrier!

  5. Escape Valentine’s Day!
    Try out some new escape rooms with your friends this Palentine’s day! Even a day this lovey-dovey can definitely be filled with some action packed escape rooms!

  6. Palentine’s Exchange
    Valentine’s Day is kind of like Christmas, except with love and hearts instead of snow and lights. Why not do a gift exchange between you and all your pals? Maybe even do a secret Palentine’s exchange so it’s extra exciting!

  7. Board Game Night!
    Palentine’s Day is another excuse to go out and play board games. Try Hexagon Café or TableTop Café and get your competitive face on!

To my couples, happy hearts day to you. To my pals, happy palentine’s day to you.

Yours Truly,

…. just kidding, it’s Bianca.

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