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5 Activities for the Winter Long Weekend

Feb 15, 2019

Hey Everyone!

Today marks the start of the long weekend and for us university students the beginning of reading week! If you’re like me you’re probably feeling pretty overwhelmed with everything that you need to get done over the break. Remember though, it’s important to take some breaks and have fun. Here are five different activities you can do to make the most out of your break.

  1. Go on a scavenger hunt
    If you’re looking for a fun scavenger hunt to do with family or friends check out Operation City Quest. This company has scavenger hunts in cities all over Canada and the USA in which you earn points for finding different objects around the city.
  1. Try out a new restaurant
    If it’s as cold where you as it is in Edmonton this weekend then you probably won’t be wanting to spend much time outdoors. Instead, try out a new restaurant in your city. If you’re in the Edmonton area and haven’t tried out Seoul Fried Chicken I definitely recommend checking it out.
  1. Go skating or sledding
    Bundle up and go skating or sledding with some family and friends. Afterward, grab some coffee or hot chocolate at one of your local coffee shops.
  1. Visit an Art Gallery or Museum
    If you’re in the Edmonton area the Art Gallery of Alberta is having free admission on Family Day. If you’re not in Edmonton make sure to look and see what your own museums or art galleries may be offering.
  1. Go to a board game café
    When it’s too cold to be outside head to a board game café with some friends. It’s the perfect place to chat, drink coffee, and have some fun.

Remember, this is a break so make sure to take some time for relaxation and fun.

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