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Productivity Tips for Gloomy Winter Days

Nov 26, 2019

It’s starting to get colder and a little gloomier which could lead to the “winter blues”. Lucky for you, I came equipped with some productivity tips to help you get past the unmotivated and less active parts of the winter season!

This could definitely be daunting for many people but if you try out a few student clubs or go to a few activities happening on campus, you’ll find that there are people who are trying to get rid of the winter blues themselves. Being social doesn’t mean you have to always be involved with a group of people. Sometimes making a friend goes a long way.

This could be for any homework assignments or group projects that you have. Break tasks down into smaller tasks so that you can spend time on setting goals and focusing on time management skills for each task. Sometimes smaller tasks motivate you more because you aren’t faced with a huge project that can overwhelm you right off the bat!

The best way to be productive is if you are in an organized space. It may take a bit more energy to become organized at first but the motivation in that lies in wanting to get through the winter season! Stay organized one step at a time, whether that means cleaning your workspace or creating a system for remembering homework deadlines.

A big part of being able to get up and be productive every day is food. You need to be feeding your body with the food that it needs to fully function. A lot of the time our vitamin D levels become affected because there isn’t enough sun. But we have alternatives! A variety of food choices offer all kinds of vitamins that will boost your self-esteem, keep you motivated, and most importantly fuel you to be productive each day.

Most importantly, you can be productive by putting in effort. The slightest effort and care can go a long way in school, work, or life in general. I hope these tips shed a little sunlight on your gloomy days. Remember to socialize, prioritize, organize, and metabolize for the sake of getting through winter with energy! 

Yours Truly,

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