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Living in Rez vs. Being a Commuter

May 06, 2016

Hi Future Students, 

Are you wondering whether you should live on-campus in residence or off-campus as a commuter student? In my time at King's I have been both a Residence and Commuter student. Here's why I think each option is a good choice, and hopefully this list of each accommodation's benefits will help you to make the best decision!

Benefits of Living On-Campus in Rez

1. Guaranteed Housing for First Year Students

If you apply for rez and pay your deposit by June 15th, you're guaranteed a double occupancy Tower Room! This gives you peace of mind and ensures you have somewhere to live in the fall! 

2. Get to know people and make friends

Your classmates become your neighbours and you will find that you form life-long friends. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can make friends, which helps when you live together 24/7. From residence activities, Bible studies, slurpee runs, etc., your time in residence will be one of fun and lasting memories. 

3. Save money! 

In most cases, living on campus is cheaper than living off campus because you only pay room and board. Costs such as electricity, heating and internet is taken care of. There are also no travel costs since you already live at King’s. 

4. You're close to class and you can avoid the harsh winters

When you live in Residence, your classes are only five minutes away! Your commute will only consist of a fifteen second elevator ride or a quick walk across the street. That means you can wake up ten minutes before class and still make it on time! Since the Tower is connected to the main campus, you can wear shorts and flip flops, even during the middle of winter! Coming from England, it was really nice when I didn't have to go outside in the middle of winter to get to class!

5. You’ll do better in school!

Studies show that students who live in residence have higher grades because they learn better when they're part of an academic community. It's easy to talk to people who are in your classes and to organize group projects. Plus your roommate can keep you accountable in studying!

Benefits of Living Off-Campus as a Commuter

1. Commuter Events!

Just because you live off campus, doesn't mean you can’t have fun at King’s! There are lots of events put on specifically for commuters that help you to get to know more people at school. From coffee drop-ins, group suppers and special events, there's something happening every day of the week that you can take part in. 

2. Separate school and home life

Sometimes it can be overwhelming having your whole life based in one place. Living off campus gives you the opportunity to have some retreat and separation in your life! It’s nice to be able to go home from school and ensure that your school/life balance stays in check! 

3. Your own room!

Depending on your living situation off-campus, there’s a good chance that you will have your own room. This can be nice because it can help you to concentrate on homework better and keep your mess to yourself! There is the possibility to have your own in the Tower Residence, but this more expensive, or you need to live in the Apartments. 

4. You can have a pet!

Unfortunately you cannot keep a pet in the residence (except for a fish). If you're living off campus, and depending on if your landlord allows it, you can get that puppy you always dreamed of.

5. Free parking

While you still have to commute to school, parking at King’s is free! This helps you to save even more money and makes living off-campus even more attractive. 

I hope you found this blog helpful in your decision to live either on campus or off campus. There are so many great things about both types of living that it really comes down to your own personal preference! If you're coming into your first year or are a transfer student, it is nice to live in residence as it really helps you to get plugged into the King's community!



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