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Seasonal Netflix Picks: Fall Recommendations

Sep 26, 2019

Is it me or has September just flown by? To bid farewell to September, welcome in October, and transition slowly from summer to fall, us student workers have created a series where we share some top seasonal Netflix recommendations.

For this fall season, I have four movie and TV series recommendations!

Then Came You
Comedy, Romance, Drama
If you are looking for a cozy movie to watch, this one is perfect! A young boy’s ability to live life to its fullest is put to a halt because he has a fear of dying. He eventually crosses paths with a young girl who is already dying and is so passionate about going out in the world and living life before she runs out of time. Together they complete her bucket list in hopes that throughout all of this, they both learn to truly live life to the fullest.

Stranger Things
Science Fiction
This series comes in 3 seasons and is great for setting up the spooky mood around the fall season. A young group of friends witness supernatural forces and as they try to search for answers, they unlock a whole journey of mystery.

Science Fiction, Adventure, Drama, Thriller
Starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, this adventure-packed drama starts off with one of the characters waking up from hibernation decades ahead of schedule, thinking he’s on an inter-galactic journey alone. But is he really?

Good Will Hunting
Drama, Indie Film
This fall, try watching this heartfelt movie. When multiple professors discover that an aimless janitor is also a math genius, he talks to a therapist to see what holds him back from showing his given talent.

These movies are perfect for cuddling up on the couch during the fall season. I am sure there are a million more suggestions, so what are yours?

Yours Truly,

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