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Wellness Tuesday: Tips to Boost Your Immune System

Nov 03, 2020

It’s getting chilly here in the city of Edmonton! We’ve had a couple of times where we’ve seen snow on the ground and I think it’s safe to pull out our trusty tips on how to keep yourself healthy and feeling the best you can throughout the winter season. For this week’s Wellness Tuesday blog, here are some tips to remember as you make an effort to keep yourself and others healthy: 

I see vitamin C!
We all know this old tale about taking vitamin C either before or just after you’ve been sick. You can practically find some amount of vitamin C in any vegetable you eat. However, if you feel like you need an extra boost, I highly suggest taking a look at your local grocery store or Costco for some Emergen-C vitamin C packets! You just mix it with water and it tastes like orange juice! I usually take two packets in one week to make sure I get enough vitamin C into my system.

Make your heart work a little!
Another way we can boost our immune system is by engaging in some physical activity either at the gym or from the comfort of your own home! I have taken some time from my week to search up some 10-20 minute cardio workouts that start my workout as a warmup or be my physical activity for the day. The important part is to make an effort to keep your blood flowing and your immune system the best it can be!

Get your flu shot!
When the cold hits you know it’s about to be flu season. Getting the flu shot is a very important step that we can take to help ourselves and those around us.

Eat your vegetables!
Oranges provide you with lots of natural vitamin C but so do vegetables! Try adding red bell peppers, broccoli, and spinach to your diet. These not only provide you with vitamin C, they also include vitamins A and E!

Get some ZZZZs!
Ah, my favorite tip so far. I encourage you to get the most sleep you can throughout the winter. If only we could hibernate, I would suggest that too, but at least get 7 or more hours of sleep! Your mind, body, and soul need rest to function properly. Let’s do ourselves a favor and sleep a little more!

I know that some of these tips may be quite obvious to us but sometimes life takes us through a whirlwind and we forget to take care of ourselves. These tips aren’t meant to tell you what you already know, it’s a reminder to you that we care about you and we need to come together as a community to support each other now more than ever. Keep these tips in mind and remember to take it one step at a time.

Stay healthy friends!

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