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What is a Liberal Arts Education?

Jan 15, 2020

To simply say that going to a liberal arts university is a good idea is an understatement.  There are so many benefits students get when they decide to study at an institution that offers a liberal arts education!  Let me elaborate on some key questions people ask about liberal arts institutions:

What is a liberal arts university?
A higher education institution with a focus on undergraduate programs that will turn into a bachelor’s degree in a three or four year time frame.  Students in liberal arts schools (such as King’s!) take courses in all disciplines including the fine arts, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences; with a main focus on a specific discipline. These students get a well-rounded education with a lot more breadth!

Okay, but why would I want to take courses outside of my chosen discipline?
Being given the opportunity to explore other areas of study allows you to deeply engage in many topics in life.  Interdisciplinary study is really neat because somehow many of your learned content from all your courses tend to pop-up in one another.  You also are able to see and understand concepts from many different perspectives. For example, this past semester I was in a History class and an English class that crossed paths at times in terms of content.  It was neat to understand the relevant topic in both a historical and literary sense.  It allowed for me to engage more deeply with what I was learning.  

So you may get to engage deeper, but are there any more benefits?
Yes! There are so many other benefits to a liberal arts university like King’s. Let me tell you a few!

  1. Small Class Sizes
  2. Undergraduate focused
  3. Great campus community
  4. Easy access to professors for help and assistance
  5. More critical thinking opportunities in classrooms
  6. Provides a great foundation for graduate studies
  7. We are unique (there are only four liberal arts universities in all of Canada!)

Sounds intriguing! What was that university called that offers this amazing opportunity to get a degree which I am able to deeply engage with many disciplines?
The King’s University! 

Haha, okay that’s all from me. If you still have a question about liberal arts education do not be afraid to ask! 

Keep learning!


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