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What people think you do in university vs. what you actually do

Apr 13, 2018

Hey friends!

Do you ever get people telling you that they admire you for doing “x” in university, and you nod and act like you know what they mean, but in your head you’re really thinking “that’s what you think I do, but it’s not ACTUALLY what I do.” Here are some expectation vs. reality scenarios of what people think you do verses what you actually do in university. Can you relate?

EXPECTATION: Studying for 10 hours straight.


REALITY: Studying the many movies that Netflix and Apple TV have to offer for exactly 10 hours straight.


EXPECTATION: Becoming the captain of every club and sports club in university.


REALITY: Being the captain of your own homework, your own readings, and your own laundry!


EXPECTATION: Cook like a culinary genius for all the people in your dorm.


REALITY: Fending for yourself, 'surviving' off of toast and a boiled egg rather than really 'cooking' for yourself or anyone for that matter.


EXPECTATION: Become an easy straight A student, have your life together, and dress to slay every single day.


REALITY: Get a couple A’s, mostly B’s, and a couple straying C’s, have your life all over the place starting with you not wearing matching socks and not knowing where your other pair of shoes are and lastly, making sure you are wearing a top, some bottoms, and shoes. Mostly crocs, because why not.

So what’s the verdict? Can you guys relate? Are there other things that have sparked your mind and made you say “OH I TOTALLY DO THAT”! Well in that case, don’t be ashamed or embarrassed because we all have a little bit of the expectation and reality inside of all us. Comment below! Hope the semester is going well friends!


Yours truly,


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