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What's Next for King's? Hybrid Model Q&A

Aug 21, 2020

Throughout this summer, there have been lots of unknowns, questions, and changes. Due to the pandemic, we as a school community have put a lot of thought into how we can start a new academic year and still keep everyone safe.

Let me walk you through some of the details through a Q & A!

Q: Will classes be online?
A: Yes and no. King’s has decided to implement a “hybrid model”. This allows the King’s community to safely have some of their classes online and in person. Certain smaller classes will give students the opportunity to attend one in-person class per week, though all course content will still be available online if students prefer not to, or cannot safely, attend on-campus.

Q: Will there be in-person labs?
A: Yes. Labs are a really important experience in your university career! The capacity has been reduced and you will be required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) upon entry. Labs have also been designed to follow a rotating lab schedule to ensure capacities that can maintain social-distancing measures.

Q: What do you mean by “online” class?
A: Lectures will be delivered to you via webcam. For most courses, it will still feel as though you are sitting in the classroom in person, but you’ll be safely at home on your computer. Our online classes are not your standard module-based classes that you can do at your own pace; they are live during designated class ours, and some lectures will be recorded if you do miss a class.

Q: Is tuition the same?
A: For the most part, tuition is the same. There have been some slight changes in student fees such as orientation and mandatory fees that are usually accessed on campus, since a lot of Student Life services are changing for this year. For more information, you can reach out to your admissions counsellor or call us at 780-465-8334.

Q: Will I get to live on campus?
A: Yes! Our tower suites and apartments are available for housing only. Our cafeteria will be closed this semester so we’ve made the kitchens in both housing options available for students.

Q: How do I know if my classes are online versus in person?
A: Once you visit your crossroads webpage, click on the “registration” tab, pick the semester you want to see your classes in and there will be a section to the right of your courses that tells you the room number. If it says “WEB”, it is offered online. If it is a room number, you have the option of attending an in-person class that day! The only exception is orientation, which will take place online via our Moodle webpage. More information about Moodle will be sent out to new students via email.

Q: Will the Admissions Office be open?
A: We will be open for appointments! For more information, if you have further questions, or to book an appointment, please feel free to call us at 780-465-8334.

As a community, we acknowledge that this is not an easy time for anyone. There are lots of changes that need to be made to make sure everyone is safe. We are all still so excited to welcome new and returning students to the incoming academic year and hope that our trials and tribulations will only make us stronger.

Yours truly,

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