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4 Apps to Stay Connected with Friends and Family

Aug 18, 2020

Although the summer is winding down, we still have a bit more time left to enjoy the weather and company of our loved ones. In honor of the last couple weeks of summer we have left, I have compiled some fun apps that you can download to enhance your experiences and fun with your family and friends, and keep you connected.

Although these apps require us to be on our phones, they’re designed to help you keep in contact with those you want to reach out to. Let’s see what kinds of apps I have in store for you!

A recently popular app that allows for video chats with those you want to connect to. Similar to Skype, HouseParty allows you to go into “rooms” to chat with other people and you can invite up to 8 people. You can even use the app to play games together, like Heads Up!

Marco Polo
This is more of a walkie-talkie feature that has a purpose of letting you talk to your friends and family through video chat without having to go live. If you want to send them a little video, you leave them a “Polo”. Then the loved ones who receive your video can watch and respond whenever they get the chance! Sometimes you can’t always arrange a live video chat, especially across different time zones, and this is where this app comes in handy!

One Second Everyday
I’ve indulged in this app ever since the beginning of this year! This is one of my favorites because this can keep going even when summer ends. This is a memory making app that allows you to capture a 1 second glimpse of your everyday life. You just film whatever is significant in your day for 1 second and compile all your videos from the month into a keep sake video diary!

Quiz Up
You’ve got to keep your brain stimulated somehow right? As summer ends and you begin to return to work or school, you might want to start testing your brain a little. Quiz Up is an app that allows you to do multiple quizzes with friends and family. These quizzes have many different topics and if you, your friends, or family are competitive, I highly recommend this app to play!

This may not have been the summer we were all waiting for but there have definitely been some positives and laughter throughout this time. From one app to another, we have to remember that we are still all together even if it’s from a distance. Now that we’re entering a new season of school, jobs or whatever we have ahead, I wish you all the best and you’re not alone!

Yours truly,

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